Welcome to the most updated BGP Route Servers list in internet. You´ll find out 77 accessible BGP Route Servers updated at 02/01/2020. If you find a broken link, or you want to announce a route server, please feel free to send us an email to info2 @ bgplookingglass.com. You can also check our bgp looking glass list site: www.bgplookingglass.com 

Public Route Servers List

Name of ISP ASN Route Server Login User Password
Route Server AS553 BelWue 553 telnet://route-server.belwue.de    
Route Server AS553 Belwue 553 telnet://route-server.belwue.de rviews Rviews
Route Server AS852 Telus - Eastern Canada 852 telnet://route-views.on.bb.telus.com    
Route Server AS852 Telus - Western Canada 852 telnet://route-views.on.ab.telus.com    
Route Server AS1280 ISC 1280 telnet://route-views.isc.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS1916 Associao Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa 1916 telnet://lg.rsix.tche.br    
Route Server AS2500 Wide Project 2500 telnet://route-views.wide.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS3257 GTT 3257 telnet://route-server.ip.tiscali.net public public
Route Server AS3292 TDC A/S 3292 telnet://route-server.ip.tdc.net rviews Rviews
Route Server AS3303 Swisscom 3303 telnet://route-server.ip-plus.net    
Route Server AS3549 Level 3 Communications, Inc. (GBLX) 3549 telnet://route-server.gblx.net    
Route Server AS3549 Level 3 Communications, Inc. (GBLX) 3549 telnet://route-server.eu.gblx.net    
Route Server AS3582 University of Oregon 3582 telnet://route-views.routeviews.org rviews  
Route Server AS3582 University of Oregon 3582 telnet://route-views3.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS3582 University of Oregon 3582 telnet://route-views4.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS3582 University of Oregon 3582 telnet://route-views6.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS3741 Internet Solutions 3741 telnet://public-route-server.is.co.za/    
Route Server AS4589 Easynet 4589 telnet://rv0.telon.uk.easynet.net public Public
Route Server AS4706 KanREN 4706 ssh://rviews.kanren.net rviews rviews
Route Server AS4826 Vocus 4826 telnet://route-views.sydney.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS5413 Daisy Communications 5413 telnet://route-server.as5413.net    
Route Server AS5453 Linx 5453 telnet://route-views.linx.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS5511 OpenTransit 5511 telnet://route-server.opentransit.net rviews Rviews
Route Server AS5511 Orange 5511 telnet://route-server.opentransit.net rviews Rviews
Route Server AS5713 SAIX 5713 telnet://tpr-route-server.saix.net rviews rviews
Route Server AS6667 Eunet Finland 6667 telnet://route-server.as6667.net rviews Rviews
Route Server AS6730 Sunrise 6730 telnet://routeserver.sunrise.ch    
Route Server AS6939 Hurricane Electric 6939 telnet://route-server.he.net    
Route Server AS7012 Clarksys 7012 ssh://route-server.phyber.com rviews rviews
Route Server AS7018 ATT 7018 telnet://route-server.ip.att.net rviews rviews
Route Server AS7474 Optus Australia 7474 telnet://route-views.optus.net.au    
Route Server AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC 7922 telnet://route-server.newyork.ny.ibone.comcast.net rviews  
Route Server AS8301 Gibtelecom 8301 telnet://route-server.gibtelecom.net    
Route Server AS8881 Versatel 8881 telnet://route-server.versatel.de    
Route Server AS9009 M247 9009 telnet://route-server.m247.com   public
Route Server AS11260 Eastlink 11260 telnet://route-server.eastlink.ca    
Route Server AS11260 Eastlink 11260 telnet://ns-route-server.ns.eastlink.ca    
Route Server AS11404 Spectrum Networks 11404 telnet://route-server.as11404.net:2605   rviews
Route Server AS12276 SFMIX 12276 telnet://route-views.sfmix.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS12389 Rostelecom 12389 ssh://route-server.hsdn.org    
Route Server AS13004 Sox.rs 13004 telnet://route-views.sox.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS13645 Host.net 13645 telnet://route-server.host.net   routes
Route Server AS14609 Equinix 14609 telnet://route-views.eqix.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS15290 Allstream - Central 15290 telnet://route-server.east.allstream.com rserv  
Route Server AS15290 Allstream - East 15290 telnet://route-server.west.allstream.com rserv  
Route Server AS15290 Allstream - West 15290 telnet://route-server.central.allstream.com rserv  
Route Server AS15763 Dokom 15763 telnet://route-server.dokom.net    
Route Server AS17435 WXNZ.NET 17435 ssh://route-server.wxnz.net rviews r-views
Route Server AS18881 Telefonica Brasil 18881 telnet://route-server.gvt.net.br gvt_view gvt_view
Route Server AS18881 Telefonica Brasil 18881 ssh://route-server.gvt.net.br    
Route Server AS19653 CTS Telecom 19653 telnet://route-views.chicago.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS20751 AZISTA 20751 telnet://rs1.azista.net:2023    
Route Server AS22548 PTT-Metro Sao Paulo 22548 telnet://lg.sp.ptt.br    
Route Server AS22548 Nic.br 22548 telnet://route-views.saopaulo.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS22548 Nic.br 22548 telnet://route-views2.saopaulo.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS24218 Global Transit Communications 24218 ssh://lg-kul.my.globaltransit.net lg lg
Route Server AS25376 Netnorth Ltd. 25376 ssh://route-server.as25376.net    
Route Server AS26689 Lightpoint 26689 telnet://route-views.nwax.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS27552 Towardex 27552 telnet://route-server.twdx.net public public
Route Server AS31027 Nianet 31027 telnet://route-server.ip.nianet.dk    
Route Server AS31672 ControlCircle 31672 telnet://looking-glass.controlcircle.com:2605   controlcircle
Route Server AS36086 Telx Group 36086 telnet://route-views.telxatl.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS37100 Seacom 37100 telnet://lg-01-mba.ke.seacomnet.com    
Route Server AS37255 MTN Ghana 37255 telnet://route-server.mtn.com.gh rviews rviews
Route Server AS37271 Workonline 37271 telnet://route-views.napafrica.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS37474 INX-ZA 37474 telnet://route-views.jinx.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS37578 TESPOK 37578 telnet://route-views.kixp.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS45186 IamaGeekNZ 45186 telnet://rs.as45186.net    
Route Server AS45494 CSA Holdigs 45494 telnet://route-views.sg.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS49983 Mironet 49983 telnet://   miroglass
Route Server AS52965 1Telecom 52965 telnet://lg.1telecom.com.br   1telecom
Route Server AS53062 GGNet 53062 telnet://route-server.gegnet.com.br   zebra
Route Server AS53164 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DA BAHIA 53164 telnet://lg.ba.ptt.br    
Route Server AS56911 Warian 56911 telnet://route-server.warian.net   rviews
Route Server AS59105 Home NOC Operators 59105 ssh://lg.homenoc.ad.jp rviews as59105homenoc
Route Server AS63221 FL-IX 63221 telnet://route-views.flix.routeviews.org    
Route Server AS133072 Limewave 133072 telnet://route-server.as133072.net   view